1. We have installed, by ourselves, various renewable energy systems 

- Hot water: Hot water is provided by solar water heaters, by a wood fired stove, or the wood gassification boiler.

- Heating: Passive solar heating, is supplemented by heat from the main wood gassification boiler, or from the smaller Rayburn, and Clearview wood stoves. We use local wood supplied by the Eigg forestry team.

- Electricity: We have two main sources of electricity, a small micro hydro and solar pv, with large battery storage for cloudy dry days. We also connect to the whole island renewable energy scheme, for higher power usage.


2. We have retrofitted the building using environmentally friendly materials and insulation e.g. eigg timber milled by us, eco-paints, sheeps wool insulation, LED lightbulbs, reclaimed furniture etc 


3. We are developing a forest garden, with over 120 fruit and nut trees and vegetable beds; and have built 3 greenhouses for more food growing space. 


4. We cook all our meals from scratch, using organic, fair-trade, home grown produce as much as possible. All our food is vegetarian/vegan.


5. We reuse, recycle and compost all our waste products. We try to minimise our use of plastic, so we do not add to the plastic pollution problem. 


6. We only use eco friendly cleaning products and buy in bulk (so as to minimise plastic bottle usage), or make our own! 


7. We use an electric vehicle and bicycles for transport.