The Centre

The Centre is surrounded by beautiful woodlands and gardens - blanketed with wild garlic and bluebells in the Spring; and in summer the gardens are full of exotic flowering trees and plants. It is like a hidden oasis - yet it is only 10 minutes walk from the main pier and seashore.


Formerly known as the Lodge, it was built in 1927 by Sir Lord Runciman who owned the island at the time. 


 Earth Connections Sustainability Centre






The Forest Garden 

A central part of Earth Connections is growing food. An organic forest garden is being developed, where we have planted over 150 fruit and nut trees varieties. This includes over 60 types of apples, lots of pears, plums, gages, cherries, walnuts, cobnuts, soft fruits and even a couple of figs! We also have honeybees and plants to encourage more wildlife and biodiversity


Earth Connections Sustainability Centre



Around the area we are developing a variety of outdoor demonstration projects and displays on topics such as solar water heating, greenhouse growing, composting and energy conservation.