Whilst staying at Earth Connections you will get the chance to try out some of the following activities, depending on what course you attend.





Optional early morning yoga, with qualified Iyengar Yoga teacher.  Meditation is also an early morning activity. 









Organic gardening/Permaculture/Natural Farmingapples

Gain practical experience and knowledge of organic gardening and natural systems by helping in our forest garden and greenhouses. Learn about planting, weeding, watering, plant and soil health, composting etc.

Then grow your own!







Renewable energysolarwater

The Centre is powered by various renewable energy systems so you will be experiencing the benefits of it first hand. Everyone who visits the Centre can get a tour of the systems and a demonstration of how it all works.










Low energy cooking

You can try out different methods of cooking that use less energy eg. pressure cookers and haybox/thermal pots. We also like to share top tips about veggie food, growing sprouted seeds and reducing food waste


                                                                                                                                                                 Iyengar Yoga





Discover the amazing, hidden world of underwater just a few feet offshore. Full wetsuits, snorkel, mask and tuition by qualified BSAC instructor provided.

If you dont fancy going in the water, you can still explore the rockpools and beaches.  




Wild Comfortable Camping

comfortable camping

We offer a 1 or 2 night camping trip (with most courses), to a wild and secluded place, where you can relax, and enjoy some spectacular scenery and wildlife. We provide all camping equipment and make sure you are warm, comfortable and enjoy a memorable nature adventure.







Cycling is a great way to explore more of Eigg and we have a variety of bikes for visitors to use. If you haven't cycled for a long time, don't worry we will help you get started!










As part of our courses we use films to aid discussion and debate. On offer, is a variety of documentary films on different environmental and social justice themes from around the world.






Nature Activities

Enjoy some experiential and creative activities out in nature that help you see wildlife and nature in a different way eg sensory walks, art in nature, microworlds.